Biden Bombs Syria

Attack shows new President hasn’t broken from the failed policies of the past. 48 — March 5,  2021 By Reese Erlich For the first time, the Biden Administration ordered a cross-border military attack in the Middle East. On February 26, seven US missiles slammed into a facility used by Iranian-backed militias in Syria. Washington … Continue reading

Foreign Correspondent: Battle Lines Drawn on Ending Yemen War

The Biden Administration has a chance to undo a disastrous label and open the door for peace. By Reese Erlich Foreign Correspondent: Battle Lines Drawn on Ending Yemen War One day before the Inauguration, the Trump Administration added Yemen’s Houthi movement to a list of foreign terrorist organizations. It was just the latest, desperate attempt … Continue reading

Foreign Correspondent: U.S. Capitol Insurrection as Seen from Abroad

Following last week’s white nationalist mob in Washington, D.C., journalists and activists overseas share what the world is thinking about us.By Reese ErlichForeign Correspondent: Capitol insurrection as seen from abroad | 48 hills In the wake of the white nationalist mob takeover of the U.S. Capitol and Trump’s pending second impeachment, I contacted journalists and … Continue reading

Foreign Correspondent: US Hypocrisy on Cuba Continues

State Department “terror list” includes countries that aren’t terrorists and excludes those who are. 48 Hills | Independent daily San Francisco news + culture By Reese Erlich I’ve always been puzzled by the State Department list of State Sponsors of Terrorism. It supposedly designates countries aiding terrorist organizations. But it includes countries that don’t support … Continue reading

Foreign Correspondent: Are Cuban protesters freedom fighters or US pawns?

By Reese Erlich A hunger strike, police arrests, and a sit-in at the Ministry of Culture in Havana have rocked intellectual circles in Cuba in recent weeks. Critics say the government is once again suppressing freedom of expression. Government supporters, however, argue that the dissident movement is being manipulated by Washington. What’s really going on? … Continue reading

Foreign Correspondent: Iran Assassination is a Political Provocation

Israel and Trump are deliberately trying to create a crisis for the next President to inherit, Iran sources say By Reese Erlich Imagine for a moment what would happen if unknown assassins murdered a high-ranking US scientist involved with chemical weapons. Let’s say officials in Iran quietly took responsibility, arguing that the US had … Continue reading

Foreign correspondent: The upcoming fights over COVID vaccine

Who will be vaccinated first — and in what country? Foreign correspondent: The upcoming fights over COVID vaccine | 48 hills By REESE ERLICH NOVEMBER 20, 2020 In recent days, two US pharmaceutical companies announced that their COVID-19 vaccines could be available by December. US-based Pfizer, which partnered with the German-based BioNTech, said it has … Continue reading

Foreign Correspondent: The challenge for Joe Biden

If he’s smart, the likely President-elect will stop the unpopular endless wars and use the money to help our domestic economy. Foreign Correspondent: The challenge for Joe Biden | 48 hills By REESE ERLICH, 48 Hills NOVEMBER 6, 2020 I’m pissed. I’m pissed at Donald Trump for trying to shut down the vote count early … Continue reading

Foreign Correspondent: What Bolivia Can Teach the US About Fair Elections

The South American nation sets an example of how to undo a coup.  By Reese Erlich Imagine the following nightmare: The US faces a close vote in the presidential election. Trump claims voter fraud and seeks backing from the nation’s military, who then stage a coup to keep him in power. Farfetched? The Trump Administration … Continue reading

Foreign Correspondent: Rightwing Populism Will Make You Sick—Really

The world’s worst outbreaks are occurring in nations with authoritarian leaders, like Trump. By Reese Erlich The four countries with the most confirmed COVID-19 infections in the world are all led by rightwing populists: the US, India, Brazil, and Russia. Throw in the United Kingdom, which has the largest infection rate in Europe, and … Continue reading