Trump’s Escalations of War in Syria—Sleepwalking into a Global Confrontation

June 22, 2017, The Progressive magazine   With its escalation of the undeclared war in Syria, the Trump Administration risks a direct military confrontation with Russia. On June 20, the United States shot down an Iranian drone flying near allied rebels in southeastern Syria. On June 17, a U.S. fighter jet downed a Syrian Air … Continue reading

Does new TV widen political boundaries?

East Bay Monthly, June, 2017 — Berkeley actor Ann Hallinan and friends were excited about making a web series of their own: no Hollywood producers, no boundaries, no censorship. These veterans of the Bay Area theater companies combined efforts to make a web series NEXT about women in the high-tech industry, available on YouTube. Technology … Continue reading

Venezuela’s vegetable brigades help families with escalating cost of food

Photo: Reese Erlich (c) 2017 By Reese Erlich, for CBC News Posted: Apr 30, 2017 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Apr 30, 2017 11:54 AM ET Dozens of people form a line to pass vegetables hand to hand as they unload four tons of food from a truck. First come the potatoes, then the avocados and finally the … Continue reading

Venezuela’s opposition trying to stage a coup, government backers charge

Photo: Reese Erlich (c) 2017 By Reese Erlich, for CBC News Posted: May 01, 2017 8:09 PM ET Last Updated: May 02, 2017 1:18 AM ET Pro- and anti-government rallies totaling hundreds of thousands of people jammed Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, on Monday. Supporters of President Nicolas Maduro accused opponents of trying to foment a coup … Continue reading

Media Culture Wars: Who’s right in these turbulent culture-clashing times?

By Reese Erlich, East Bay Monthly, June 2017  Politicians and reporters should operate in separate cultures. Journalists should be suspicious of politicos, who in turn, will claim media bias when they don’t like articles written about them. But now Donald Trump has raised this culture clash to a whole new level. Trump says The New … Continue reading

Trump attack on Syria “unmitigated disaster”

Inside Syria author Reese Erlich Available for Comment on Latest Syrian Crisis Press Release from Paradigm Books, April 7, 2017  Peabody Award-winning foreign correspondent and author Reese Erlich said today that, “the Trump missile attack on Syria is an unmitigated disaster. While seemingly dealing a decisive blow against Bashar al-Assad’s use of poison gas, in … Continue reading


A look at political trends in streaming TV By Reese Erlich The East Bay Monthly, April 2017 The 1950s were once considered the golden age of television. Comedies such as The Honeymooners and Harvey graced the airwaves. Some shows were classics, such as The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents. On the whole, however, the … Continue reading

3 Important books on Mideast crisis

East Bay Monthly, March 2017 —   The East Bay has a strong culture of political resistance. We take pride in our history of opposing U.S. military interventions, from Vietnam to the Middle East. In January, some 100,000 people marched against Trump in Oakland. Now that we have President Donald Trump—I still have trouble writing … Continue reading

Comedy in the Era of Trump: Who gets the last laugh?

East Bay Monthly, Feb. 2017 —   Comedian and solo performer Sandra Tsing Loh says Left Coast theatergoers were in a state of shock after Trump came to power. So at the beginning of her recent Berkeley show, she invited the audience to let out an inner scream against Trump, whom she lovingly refers to … Continue reading

 Julieta and Manchester by the Sea – film reviews

  FROM THE LEFT SIDE OF THE BALCONY The Monthly,  January 2017 By Reese Erlich Two films opening this month in the Bay Area, by some cosmic coincidence, deal with the same theme. One finds a mother trying to unravel the mysterious disappearance of her daughter. The other finds a daughter searching for her mysterious … Continue reading