Foreign Correspondent: US Hypocrisy on Cuba Continues

State Department “terror list” includes countries that aren’t terrorists and excludes those who are. 48 Hills | Independent daily San Francisco news + culture By Reese Erlich I’ve always been puzzled by the State Department list of State Sponsors of Terrorism. It supposedly designates countries aiding terrorist organizations. But it includes countries that don’t support … Continue reading

Foreign Correspondent: Are Cuban protesters freedom fighters or US pawns?

By Reese Erlich A hunger strike, police arrests, and a sit-in at the Ministry of Culture in Havana have rocked intellectual circles in Cuba in recent weeks. Critics say the government is once again suppressing freedom of expression. Government supporters, however, argue that the dissident movement is being manipulated by Washington. What’s really going on? … Continue reading

Foreign correspondent: The upcoming fights over COVID vaccine

Who will be vaccinated first — and in what country? Foreign correspondent: The upcoming fights over COVID vaccine | 48 hills By REESE ERLICH NOVEMBER 20, 2020 In recent days, two US pharmaceutical companies announced that their COVID-19 vaccines could be available by December. US-based Pfizer, which partnered with the German-based BioNTech, said it has … Continue reading

Foreign Correspondent: Police Lessons from Cuba

Contrary to the image of brutal and repressive communists, police in Cuba offer an instructive example for activists in the United States. by Reese Erlich, June 18, 2020 A group of muscular cops carrying semi-automatic pistols and batons slowly move through the crowd at the end of an outdoor salsa concert. My friends and … Continue reading

How Cuba is succeeding in the fight against COVID

With a government-run medical system, the island has contained the virus to a tiny fraction of the cases in the US. By Reese Erlich, 48 Hills  May 28, 2020 One morning along a street with cracked sidewalks and houses with fading paint, Dr. Liz Caballero and two medical students stopped at every door in … Continue reading

The Internet Is Widely Accessible in Cuba. Why Is the US Insisting It Isn’t?

By Reese Erlich, Truthout The Internet Is Widely Accessible in Cuba. Why Is the US Insisting It Isn’t? Published February 12, 2020 Trinidad, Cuba — Sitting at an outdoor café, Alian Rojas deftly thumbs the small keyboard on his iPhone as he calls up The New York Times website. Then he shows a reporter how … Continue reading

Foreign Correspondent: Who’s at fault for Cuba’s economic problems?

The US embargo, unsupported by any country in the world, harms the nation’s ordinary working people. Reese Erlich January 31, 2020 HAVANA—Chef Alexis Alvarez was in panic mode. He was preparing a gourmet meal for visitors from the United States when the electricity went out. He mostly cooks with natural gas and charcoal, but … Continue reading

Foreign Correspondent: Does Cuba censor the Internet? Think again

Despite US rules that have made phones and connections expensive, many Cubans have free access to global media.  By Reese Erlich, January 25, 2019 HAVANA — A group of Cubans stared intently at the screens of their smart phones here in Old Havana, checking emails and Googling news stories. They and millions of … Continue reading

Foreign Correspondent: Cuba’s ‘sonic attack’ on diplomats is pure science fiction  This ‘bullshit’ has had serious consequences in Havana By Reese erlich January 28, 2018 HAVANA — The mainstream media stories were straight out of a science fiction movie. Somebody in Cuba was aiming a super sophisticated “sonic weapon” at US diplomats here in Havana, causing them to experience hearing loss, dizziness, nausea, severe headaches … Continue reading