Foreign Correspondent: A New Arab Spring in Lebanon and Iraq?

Once again, people in the Middle East want democratic reforms and an end to corruption and foreign domination By Reese Erlich 48 Hills, November 16, 2019 Foreign Correspondent: A New Arab Spring in Lebanon and Iraq Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Lebanese have been demonstrating in the streets against corruption and for democratic rights. … Continue reading

Syria spillover into Lebanon furthers intra-Muslim conflict in Mideast

Hezbollah claimed victory over the Free Syrian Army in Qusayr, but its entry into the war is fueling Sunni-Shia violence at home. Reese Erlich, GlobalPost, June 10, 2013 HERMEL, Lebanon — The strategic city of Qusayr in Syria has fallen to the Syrian Army, and the shock waves are still being felt in Lebanon, where … Continue reading

Syrian Christians become kidnapping targets, flee to Lebanon

Syria’s civil war is empowering extremists and squeezing Christians. by Reese Erlich, July 10, 2013 GlobalPost BEIRUT, Lebanon — A Syrian rebel group took credit for setting off a bomb in a supermarket parking lot in a part of southern Beirut populated with Hezbollah supporters Tuesday. Fifty-three people were injured, according to Lebanese health officials. … Continue reading