Syria spillover into Lebanon furthers intra-Muslim conflict in Mideast

Hezbollah claimed victory over the Free Syrian Army in Qusayr, but its entry into the war is fueling Sunni-Shia violence at home. Reese Erlich, GlobalPost, June 10, 2013 HERMEL, Lebanon — The strategic city of Qusayr in Syria has fallen to the Syrian Army, and the shock waves are still being felt in Lebanon, where … Continue reading

Syrian Christians become kidnapping targets, flee to Lebanon

Syria’s civil war is empowering extremists and squeezing Christians. by Reese Erlich, July 10, 2013 GlobalPost BEIRUT, Lebanon — A Syrian rebel group took credit for setting off a bomb in a supermarket parking lot in a part of southern Beirut populated with Hezbollah supporters Tuesday. Fifty-three people were injured, according to Lebanese health officials. … Continue reading