Foreign Correspondent: Libya, the Forgotten War

Though it has disappeared from headlines, Libya’s humanitarian crisis continues unabated. by Reese Erlich, The Progressive July 2, 2020 I arrived at the airport in Tripoli, Libya, on assignment for CBS Radio with my paperwork in order. I even had the phone numbers of local immigration officials in case anything went wrong.  It quickly did. … Continue reading

The struggle for power in Yemen continues, and Qatar is playing a key role

GlobalPost and GroundTruth Reese Erlich Aug 14, 2015 DOHA, Qatar — Mohammad Siraj pumps a car jack at a makeshift curbside car repair shop across from a Sunni mosque. He wears the traditional white dishdasha and skull cap of a devout Sunni Muslim. He puts down his tools to discuss the war in nearby Yemen, … Continue reading

Mitigating Sunni-Shia conflict in ‘the world’s most charming police state’

Aug 4, 2015 @ 2:42 AM Published GroundTruth MUSCAT, Oman — Vendors call out as they sell sweet snacks, clothing and jewelry in the Muttrah Souk, one of the oldest bazaars in the Mideast. Here, the age-old art of bargaining is honed to a fine point. The merchants are friendly and can make small talk … Continue reading