For Most Tunisians, Little Has Changed

In the town where the Arab Spring began in Tunisia, the economic condition remains as bad as ever. Reese Erlich [2]April 29, 2012 08:27  A man walks past the statue representing the cart of Mohamed Bouazizi, the fruit seller whose self-immolation sparked the revolution that ousted a dictator and ignited the Arab Spring, in Sidi … Continue reading

Tunisia government caught between secularists and religious right

By Reese Erlich, Global Post, April 21, 2012 TUNIS, Tunisia — When 10,000 conservative Islamists massed on Tunis’ main street demanding Shariah law be incorporated into the new constitution, secular activists who helped lead the first Arab Spring uprising got worried. These conservatives, known as Salafists, had not openly participated in the uprising but were … Continue reading