Want to Find Terrorists? Check Out Your Church

TruthDig, March 20, 2015    By Reese Erlich         When are liberals going to see the connection between terrorism and religion? Many of the world’s terrorists carry out their slaughter of civilians in the name of one religion in particular. Yet liberals keep using euphemisms such as “extremism” to describe what is actually religious terrorism. That … Continue reading

Ometepe Protestors

We’re Not Going Down Without a Fight’: Nicaraguans Draw Battle Lines Over $50 Billion Grand Transoceanic Canal

Vice News By Reese Erlich January 29, 2015 | 7:17 am In a bustling Managua marketplace, hundreds of vendors hawk everything from towels to tomatoes. Music blares as they entice customers with promises of the lowest prices. And pretty much everyone has a noisy opinion too about the controversy rocking the country: whether to build … Continue reading

Al Jazeera America: New Iraq War is Doomed

After years of lies and senseless military conflict, we must oppose US escalation in Iraq December 30, 2014 2:00AM ET by Reese Erlich @ReeseErlich   The latest iteration of the Iraq War is already starting to escalate. The day after Christmas, U.S. forces and its allies hit the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant … Continue reading


Distributed by Random House – Available Oct. 7, 2014. Inside Syria: The Backstory of Their Civil War and What the World Can Expect Written by Reese Erlich Foreword by Noam Chomsky Format: Hardcover | ISBN: 9781616149482 Our Price: $25.00 Electronic Editions Format: eBook | ISBN: 9781616149499 Our Price: $11.99 Published by: Prometheus Books Hardcover On … Continue reading

Funeral for Armenian Syrian children killed by rebel mortar shells. (c) 2013 Reese Erlich

Syria’s minority Christians under threat from extremist Muslim rebels

Once a safe haven for Middle Eastern Christians, Syria has become a place where Christians are targeted for kidnapping and murder. Reese Erlich, GlobalPost December 25, 2013 DAMASCUS — The Arab Spring has turned very wintry for many Christians in the Middle East. As the Christian minority in Syria celebrates Christmas, local leaders say they … Continue reading

Ashura prayers at the Rukaya Shrine. Assad retains support from Shia, Christians and other minorities. (c) 2013 Reese Erlich

Assad’s divide-and-conquer strategy proving effective against Syrian rebels

GlobalPost By Reese Erlich December 18, 2013 US-supported rebels are losing ground to both ultra-conservative Islamist rebels and the Assad regime. DAMASCUS — Syria’s US-backed rebels are steadily losing ground to extremist Islamist groups, dealing a serious blow to Washington’s hopes to overthrow the regime of Bashar al-Assad. The splintering of the Free Syrian Army … Continue reading

Syria's Minister of Justice Najm al Ahmad. (c) 2013 Reese Erlilch

Exclusive: GlobalPost speaks with Syria’s minister of justice

By Reese Erlich November 18, 2013 As the government retakes significant positions from the rebels, President Bashar al-Assad’s confidant Najm al-Ahmad discusses the war. DAMASCUS, Syria — Within the last few days the Syrian Army has retaken areas on the outskirts of Damascus, as well as parts of Homs and Aleppo, according to Najm al-Ahmad, … Continue reading

From Surrender Monkey to Oldest Ally

Published on Sunday, September 1, 2013 by Common Dreams [updated version]  by Reese Erlich France is our new hero. Just over 10 years ago that beleaguered country of fine wine and soft cheese was vilified for not supporting the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Now Secretary of State John Kerry praises France as “our oldest ally.”¹ … Continue reading


Algiers Accords bind US to non-interference in Iran — and are always forgotten

The Accords are a legally binding agreement quite famous in Iran and virtually unknown in the US. Reese Erlich GlobalPost, July 26, 2013 TEHRAN — Hassan Rouhani spoke about the Algiers Accords in his first press conference as president elect, a reference that might puzzle most Americans. The Accords are a legally binding agreement quite … Continue reading

Iranians say US sanctions hit wrong target

Since the US imposed strict sanctions 18 months ago, Iran’s economy has been in free fall: Oil revenues dropped by 50 percent, the local currency was devalued by 300 percent and inflation hit 40 percent. Iranians say ordinary people are the ones feeling the pain.  Reese Erlich GlobalPost, July 26, 2013 TEHRAN — The election … Continue reading


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