Foreign Correspondent: The U.S. Is Permanently Occupying Northern Syria, and That’s Trouble What will the leftists in Rojava do? by Reese Erlich February 13, 2018 The Progressive When President Barack Obama started bombing Syria in 2014, he enjoyed bipartisan support in Washington, D.C. Americans were appalled by the atrocities of the Islamic State, which had massacred Yazidis, and seized swaths of territory in Syria and Iraq. … Continue reading

Foreign Correspondent: Cuba’s ‘sonic attack’ on diplomats is pure science fiction  This ‘bullshit’ has had serious consequences in Havana By Reese erlich January 28, 2018 HAVANA — The mainstream media stories were straight out of a science fiction movie. Somebody in Cuba was aiming a super sophisticated “sonic weapon” at US diplomats here in Havana, causing them to experience hearing loss, dizziness, nausea, severe headaches … Continue reading

Even an Ayatollah has a hard time convincing Iranians to stop smoking

Iran Is Losing Its Jihad on Tobacco   The Islamic Republic’s anti-smoking campaign is yet another example of the government’s shaky control over its population.  By Reese Erlich | January 29, 2018, 1:39 PM Foreign Policy TEHRAN — Ayatollah Sayed Hassan Moin Shirazi entered the room wearing a clerical brown robe and a black turban, … Continue reading

Foreign Correspondent: Death of a suitcase RIP Ralph, who survived the life of a foreign correspondent’s luggage for 30 suitcase years By Reese Erlich 48, December 26, 2017 Ralph died on an escalator in a foreign airport on Christmas Eve.I called my black, carry-on suitcase “Ralph” because he was almost like family. Ralph was 30 years old in suitcase … Continue reading

Foreign Correspondent: Trump’s phony support for Iran’s popular protests

`   Iranians on all sides of the political spectrum oppose the US president’s policies and actions By Reese Erlich – January 11, 2018 During a recent reporting trip to Iran, I interviewed almost two dozen people at random in both rich and poor neighborhoods of Tehran. All the middle and upper-middle class people I … Continue reading

Foreign Correspondent: Should Catalonia separate from Spain?

December 7, 2017 During a trip to Barcelona, I sat down to read a local newspaper and, although I understand Spanish, I couldn’t fathom a word. The newspaper was in Catalan. Catalonia is part of Spain but has its own distinct language, territory, culture and history of resistance to oppression. It was the Spring … Continue reading

Foreign Correspondent Column: Make Saudi Arabia great again! Saudi ruler takes a cue from Trump

48 Hills, November 18, 2017 I stood in front of a mosque in the city of Qatif, Saudi Arabia, interviewing people for a story. Suddenly, two city police cars pulled up. Several minutes later plain clothes officers from the secret police began questioning me. I had entered the country with a journalist visa, but committed … Continue reading

US sells out the Kurds — again

Democracy is in retreat in Kurdistan as the US refuses to support independence By Reese Erlich – November 4, 2017 Syndicated column I stood at a border crossing as thousands of Yazidis and other refugees fled ISIS attacks on Mosul and nearby cities. Tens of thousands of refugees flooded into the Kurdish Region of Iraq … Continue reading

Trump’s moves against nuclear deal outrage Iranians

  By Reese Erlich October 22, 2017 In Washington DC, Trump’s moves against the Iran nuclear agreement are seen as getting tough on a dangerous enemy. In Iran, they are seen as the first steps towards another war in the Mideast. Last week, Trump refused to certify the nuclear agreement. Under that accord Iran has … Continue reading

What’s Really Going Down in Venezuela

The Progressive, October 2, 2017 by Reese Erlich   Carmelinda Valera and her husband have a small farm perched on a steep hill with a breathtaking view of Caracas, Venezuela. As an early morning fog hugs the farmland, Valera shows me where they grow bananas, coffee, and other subsistence crops. Venezuela’s two-year-old economic crisis has … Continue reading