US and Russia compete to woo Syrian Kurd rebels

POLITICO Magazine November 02, 2015 Now Obama wants to help the Kurds? Russia’s already there. By  Reese Erlich Sulimaniya, Kurdish Region, Iraq – President Obama’s bid to exert more influence in the Syrian civil war may be too little, too late. Stung by Vladimir Putin’s military intervention, Obama last week foreswore his previous refusal to … Continue reading

The heroes of the battle of Kobane want their political reward.

VICE News By Reese Erlich April 8, 2015 In late January, Kurdish fighters backed by US airstrikes routed the Islamic State (IS) in the Syrian border town of Kobane. In Iraq, too, they have been a key bulwark against the extremists amid the collapse of the Iraqi army. Now, seizing their political moment, Syrian Kurds … Continue reading

Syria’s minority Christians under threat from extremist Muslim rebels

Once a safe haven for Middle Eastern Christians, Syria has become a place where Christians are targeted for kidnapping and murder. Reese Erlich, GlobalPost December 25, 2013 DAMASCUS — The Arab Spring has turned very wintry for many Christians in the Middle East. As the Christian minority in Syria celebrates Christmas, local leaders say they … Continue reading

Assad’s divide-and-conquer strategy proving effective against Syrian rebels

GlobalPost By Reese Erlich December 18, 2013 US-supported rebels are losing ground to both ultra-conservative Islamist rebels and the Assad regime. DAMASCUS — Syria’s US-backed rebels are steadily losing ground to extremist Islamist groups, dealing a serious blow to Washington’s hopes to overthrow the regime of Bashar al-Assad. The splintering of the Free Syrian Army … Continue reading

Exclusive: GlobalPost speaks with Syria’s minister of justice

By Reese Erlich November 18, 2013 As the government retakes significant positions from the rebels, President Bashar al-Assad’s confidant Najm al-Ahmad discusses the war. DAMASCUS, Syria — Within the last few days the Syrian Army has retaken areas on the outskirts of Damascus, as well as parts of Homs and Aleppo, according to Najm al-Ahmad, … Continue reading

Iran: Firmly behind the Assad regime

For both religious and geopolitical reasons, the Iranian government continues to serve as Syria’s most important backer with broad domestic support. Reese Erlich, Global Post, July 16, 2013 TEHRAN — Saeed Mohammad Husseini sat behind the counter at a store selling religious CDs as he explained his support for President Bashar al-Assad in the Syrian … Continue reading

Syria spillover into Lebanon furthers intra-Muslim conflict in Mideast

Hezbollah claimed victory over the Free Syrian Army in Qusayr, but its entry into the war is fueling Sunni-Shia violence at home. Reese Erlich, GlobalPost, June 10, 2013 HERMEL, Lebanon — The strategic city of Qusayr in Syria has fallen to the Syrian Army, and the shock waves are still being felt in Lebanon, where … Continue reading

Syrian Christians become kidnapping targets, flee to Lebanon

Syria’s civil war is empowering extremists and squeezing Christians. by Reese Erlich, July 10, 2013 GlobalPost BEIRUT, Lebanon — A Syrian rebel group took credit for setting off a bomb in a supermarket parking lot in a part of southern Beirut populated with Hezbollah supporters Tuesday. Fifty-three people were injured, according to Lebanese health officials. … Continue reading

Gays of Syria, Unite!

DAILLY BEAST, Aug. 29, 2012 Homosexuality is illegal in Syria, despite Assad’s promises of reform. Why some gays are joining the revolution. By Reese Erlich. by Reese Erlich  | August 29, 2012 4:15 AM EDT Mahmoud Hassino knew he was gay at age 12. He wasn’t attracted to girls, but he was very interested in … Continue reading

Syria: The Kurdish Wild Card

TruthDig, Aug 28, 2012 By Reese Erlich The apartment reminds me of a ’60s-era crash pad. Syrian Kurds in their 20s sprawl on every available bed, couch and sleeping mat. Posters line the walls extolling Kurdish martyrs who fought Bashar al-Assad. Fighters, smugglers, medics and demonstration organizers who have fled Syria stay here in Antakya, near the … Continue reading